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CROWD CONTROLOL (pronounced crowd control) is the main recording and performance identity of Anthony Salce, a Miami-based artist who's made an early mark on the international electronic music scene at the young age of 24. With 20 years of classical training, the evolution and expansion of his electronic sound could be the most impressive aspect of his career thus far, developing from early connotations of groovy tech house to sonic experiments in minimal techno and ambient electronica.Less than a year into producing electronically, Crowd Controlol’s 3-track debut EP “Lolwut” with AudioGroove Records was charted at number 6 in tech house releases on Beatport, putting him on the map for many large scale performers and industry advocates worldwide. Since then, he's released tracks on major labels such as SK Supreme Records, Beatdown Music, and Strange World Records. 2014 will play host to his biggest year of original tracks yet, with releases secured on 4 established record labels from Miami, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and London.In 2012, Crowd Controlol began a residency for One Night in Miami Afterhours, a party held bimonthly on Fridays on the Terrace at Club Space Miami. Anthony was known for his notoriously dark and provocative sound that inspired even younger crowds to appreciate the more sophisticated and intricate elements of techno music in production and live performance. These sets inspired a greater appreciation for more artistic and alternative electronic styles for many in South Florida, encouraging the musical tastes of his peers to steer away from outplayed vocal and progressive sounds that have created a commercial industry which he's seen as much different from true house and techno.Most recently traveling to Ibiza, Spain in the summer of 2013 and joining forces with Richie Hawtin and the ENT ER. team in Publc Relations,Anthony continued to develop his sound as Crowd Controlol while maintaining an innovative and forward thinking approach to artistry. Upon forging new relationships and discovering new music overseas, the experience has become an integral part of Anthony’s development both as an artist and musical advocate.Upon completion of a masters degree from University of Miami's business school in December 2013, Anthony concentrated on music business and marketing and was quick to apply the degree to the industry in a number of ways, including the formation of Crowd Controlol as an LLC. Until June, he will reside in his hometown in South Florida, production and live performances. Regardless of whether you are a longtime follower of electronic music, casual supporter, or even a first-time listener, the young artist's tracks and live DJ sets pledge a unique underground experience that continues to evolve at a disciplined and ambitious rate.