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 - Crave & Fixe


The future of EDM is here and now, these two young guns are firing on all 12 digital cylinders. Crave & Fixe is a dynamic team of Miami DJ/Producers about to release their much anticipated fourth original production from Live Rain Records. Boasting a resume of acclaimed tracks like Deep Love, Connection and Ministry Of Funk, these “up and coming” artists have already arrived. Breaking into Beatport’s “10 Top must hear house tracks” chart (week 31) with their third original production Ministry Of Funk, Crave and Fixe are turning heads all around the world. Miami natives and school mates Kevin Castro and Larry Gitman grew up together and have come up the industry's ranks by playing small venues and private parties all whilst passionately working on and producing their own tracks. Extremely critical of their productions, they are full time in the studio now and constantly in the pursuit of perfection. The Crave & Fixe sound is inspired by all genres of EDM. Some of their biggest influences are artists like Mark Knight, Umek, ATFC, and others. Larry Gitman is a seasoned guitarist and Kevin Castro currently attends Miami Art Institute for Audio Production. With unsurpassed dedication and love for their craft and electronic dance music these digital chemists are definitely a force to lookout for!