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 - Crash Override


Chilean and Japanese queer electronic stage artist, Crash Override began his musical and artistic adventure in 2010, by creating and organizing Kaboom Theory (Batofar & Glazart) that became an inescapable event of the Parisian nights. He will preside there as DJ / resident in the period of more than an year by playing with Phil Kieran (Cocoon / Turbo), Meat Katie (Lot49 record), D.R.U.N.K (of Motor), John Lord Fonda (Vitalic ), Jupiter ( Kitsune), Hoosky, OneSquareMeter (Die Nacht), Tata From Cosmos (Sodasound) ... His style is mainly deep house as well as dark techno, black and foggy. He is part of the collective Fils de Venus (Son of Venus). He also writes for the coolest Webzine in Paris: Beat in the Air.