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Crash capsule Crash AKA Jm Moreno and A. Tristany(Malaga Spain) started the project Crash Capsule Crash in early 1997 in the South of Spain.Initially, they produced for live acts. This let to participating and playing at the major electronic music festivals in the south spain.From 1997 until 2003 Crash Capsule Crash released numerous CDs, including Rokery & PJ Summer 2001 "Satisfaxion the Artists" / Speed 2002 "Boomboom records"In 2004, the group created and launched their own record label named Dirty Factory Records. At this time they also released"My Last Bitch DFR OO1". During this period Crash Capsule Crash started presenting their first live radio show on Breaksfm.In the end of 2004 they moved to London for Improving skills (Djing,Music Producing)Influences:Ed Rush&Optical,Dj Quest,Carlos Mutiny,Noisia,Pheex....