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 - Claudio Tahi


Claudio Tahi, DJ, Producer and label head of BlackforestUnderground Records. Claudio Tahi was born in Kehl, SouthGermany, in 1992. Already in the tender age of 17, hestarted to play records. From the beginning the “oldergeneration” taught him the art of playing with Vinyl records.In 2010, after a few years of learning and practicing he hadhis first official gig in Dirfter’s Club in Freiburg, where he setthe pack on fire. 2012 he crossed paths with the promotersof Durstlöscher. T hey immediately recognized his talent andnow he is a member of the Durslöscher-Crew. Soon theyrealized that the best would be to further the potential of thewhole crew. So, in 2012 they created their own label –Blackforest Underground was born! At the same timeClaudio got in touch with Z areh Kan. In September 2012,after 6 month of producing, they released their first EP onMassive Duck Records. At the moment Claudio is working on2 more EPs which will be released on Z areh Kan’s labelsMassive Duck Records & Incognito Audio. Additionally,Claudio and the whole Blackforest Underground Crew areworking on their first album which will be released onBLACKFOREST UNDERGROUND RECORDS, at the end of2013.