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 - Chris Ojeda


Christopher Andrew Ojeda known as “Chris Ojeda” is a very young but extremely talented electronic dance music producer. Originally from El Paso, Texas he lives up to the city’s scene. “If it wasn’t for El Paso (my hometown), I wouldn’t have this drive for making electronic music”. His interest in electronic dance music has lead him to focus on one specific sub- genre; MINIMAL. His minimalistic sounds consist of pitched down vocals, driving bass-lines, and not to mention his bouncy percussion sequences. His experience with minimal has brought him the most success, he has signed with some of the biggest minimal record labels in the world such as Flat Belly Recordings, Berlin Aufnahmen, and much more. And let me tell you, he’s not just satisfied with that. Chris Ojeda had a run at Tech House and Progressive. In which he made it in Gastspiel Records [Stuttgart, Germany] TECH HOUSE SERIES VOL. 13 at track No. 1 on the album/compilation. He was released with Andy Kohlmann and many other big Tech House producers but quickly found that his heart was set on mixing and producing Minimal. Now, he lives in San Antonio finishing up school and striving for the best in music, along with the support of many artists such as: NHB & Fabrizio Pettorelli, Andy Mart, Alex Young, Manel Diaz, Ramirez Resso, Daniele Petronelli, Mr. Wise, Leeks, The Drunkers, Tektonauts, Luca Terzini, and many more.