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 - Chemical Art


Chemical Art (A.k.A Yehiel Hubara) From IsraelBecame interested in music when he was in a very young age.By the age of 10 he had almost complete control over the computer.and want to find out how to make not just any music,but his own psy/electro music.he started writing, composing, dancing and living.until he realized that's what I want to do with his life.Music!in the age of 13 he already had a rap/hip-hop project, with a freind.he was producing the beats and lyrics.after 3 years he realized his beat are too "electro";and started to make and write only electro style music.after 2 years he learned as much as he can about music and producing.and starts his own project "Chemical Art"amazing psy trance project with amazing sound and spacial beats .on stage, his one of the most promises artists.with hard beatdrops and his own style of BPM & Sound.he brings a new view to the psy trance ( year 2014) he 24 years-old , and not stopping.stay tuned for this amazing artist.