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BVibes (r.n. Bosoi Narcis Robert),born in 1993 in the romanian city Galati has always been interested in trance and electronic music.At the age of 12 he started to listen different types of electronic music,and after 1 year he discovered trance music.He liked so much that after some months he started to produce and learn more and more things about this genre.One year later he discovered one of the biggest DAW’s(Digital Audio Workstation) Reason 4 and this become his main tool for producing music.In 2008 he entered in the Redux Recordings Remix Competition with his Casino Remix and he was one of the winners.Since then he felt that it’s ready to go to a next level of producing and the first tracks under the “BVibes” guise was send to the Melle Bakker’s label Sunset to Sunrise Recordings.The feedback was positive and he signed straight away.And so the first tracks was released in a form of EP in March 2009.Since then he focused to produce more and more high quality music and other 3 tracks were released on Sunset to Sunrise.After that he started to receive remix requests for other labels and to make contacts with A&R’s and other artists.In the end of 2009 he signed the very first deal with german record label Redux Recordings and this become the home label for BVibes’s productions until today.In January 2011 in cooperation with american radio station Pure.FM, BVibes starts the weekly radioshow called „Nexgen Sounds” and this was another step forward in his career.In the summer of 2011 one of the biggest highlights for him yet it’s happening and his remix for Kyota’s „Nemo” is selected by Paul Oakenfold for his „Never Mind the Bollocks,Here’s Paul Oakenfold’’ CD Compilation Album,which was released on Armada Music.In the present at only 18 years old, with a massive amount of singles and remixes already on his side, BVibes future is full of promise and this is only the beggining.


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