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 - Burnt B


Breaks, Electro House, Nuskool, Midtempo and Downbeat. It’s partially melodic, mysterious, cheeky or funky. Burnt is rendering 110 – 165 BPM with his sound. He has played his sets in big clubs in Germany like Douala (Ravensburg), What?(Berlin), Schwarzes Schaf (Augsburg), Kesselhaus (Augburg), Turncable (Thannhausen), Roḧ re (Stuttgart), Chateu Knarz (Ulm) etc and parties around Europe like Bassplanet in Poland. Not only the sound he plays makes people go crazy but especially his love to become part of the crowd while dancing and partying with his guests. He is constantly pushing the crowd with his bright smile and dance moves.With Artists like Marten Hörger, Lady Waks, Aquasky, Deekline, Peo de Pitte, Tim Healey, Leeroy Thornhill and a lot more he shared the decks on his own parties (CheekyBeatz and Cut and Run). 2012 Burnt B published his first release on Dirty Funk Records and placed his track in the top 100 on Beatport charts.


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