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 - Brutal Kids


Music - is a language understood throughout the world. The language of music of Brutal kids project - is the energy, love and a sense that they give to us in their tracks.Brutal kids - cooperation between the two musicians and producers (Centner & Mustiff), incorporated in the work of making music, working with famous musicians, live performances on the dance floor, as well as creating their own show at the expanse of the author's most popular radio station in Ukraine Kiss FM.Prior to beginning work on the project Brutal kids, both musicians had a great experience with sound and writinghis own music, but dobivshih good results almost from the start of joint work, they decided to continue working together.Today's professionalism, which show the band Brutal kids of the project in its tracks, live club performances, studio work, and direct radio broadcasting, it's not just luck, is the result of enormous effort and talent, which is increasing day by day.The main feature of creation Brutal kids and kind of the motto of the project is the continual movement - movement in music, the dance floor, in a career and professionalism. It would seem that recently opened Brutal kids his own show «Depo» on the radio station Europa plus Mariupol. They wanted to share with each student the best sound, the brightest planet tracks, mix together ethnic folk melodies and jazz motifs, with incendiary grooves Tech and Progressive House. And very soon, "Depo" won the love and interest in the whole country, appearing on the waves of the most popular country radio station Kiss FM.From now on, becoming a favorite radio station by residents of country clubbers Kiss FM