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Rigodiego Silverio a.k.a Bottstation is a Mexican DJ and producer, born in Mexicali, Baja California, on February 25, 1995, lived in a small town that is influenced by the taste of electronic music by the environment in which he lived, from his 5 years had this great love of electronic music starting with the House genre, at age 12 began to attend local events including "Raves" , he began to trying to create electronic music, over time learned to handle many things, and at the age of 15 began with a training analyst and professional production, at 16 he signed his first contract which was with D-Ser Records and released after there was a period of production and more production specified in the Progressive House genre and on to launch his own first EP "Just Listen", Bottstation seek more collaboration with local artists and international relieve your rating currently is doing, Bottstation is now one of the best producers of its kind in the country soon expecting a great endorsement of the opening of its own label.