Key Commands
 - Blis


: In childhood flung oneself into electronic music. Brought up on Prodigy and Chemical Brothers. In course of time chanched priorities for the House music. But eventually just listening to music was not enough for him. And since this time Blis began trying to compose music by himself.Blis is now endeavoring to develop his own style and use for this various means. For music composing he uses different programs such as FL Studio, Ableton and others. Every single track Blis tries to bring to perfection and looking for this as much as possible the original sounding and uncommon methods.Like priority sounding Blis picks genres Deep and Electro. But he doesn't limit himself and exept mentioned composes Progressive and Techno. Quotation: "I belive, that music isn't in the instruments and apparatus, but in heart. Musician's ability is to retrieve it from the heart and gift it to people."