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 - Bill Hamel


Erupting onto the scene seemingly out of nowhere to a new generation of EDM enthusiasts, when in fact, Bill Hamel has already achieved international stardom with a career spanning over a decade, earning him the respect and praise of the world’s most legendary musical performers.“Bill Hamel has the extraordinary rare gift of balancing the deep and subtle with the melodic.” – Brian ‘BT’ Transeau“Bill’s production prowess and his keen sense of melody and song structure never cease to amaze us. His impeccably-detailed yet ‘human’ approach to music-making is a breath of fresh air.” – Ali ‘Dubfire’ Shirazinia, Deep Dish“Bill is currently one of my favorite re-mixers because he really understands melody and song.” – Paul OakenfoldConsidered “The Producer’s Producer,” this Grammy nominated artists’ rhythmic melodies and driving beats have catapulted him to the top with an astounding seventeen number one remixes on Billboards Dance Charts, making it easy to understand why his extraordinary talents and signature style have placed him in high-demand with some of music’s most iconic names that include Paul Oakenfold, Madonna, U2, Rihanna, and Justin Timberlake; a true testament to his prolific talent as a producer, songwriter and master remixer.His latest release with Carmen Electra - ‘I Like it Loud’ on Citrusonic Stereophonic, was both written and produced by Bill. This is just one of many new releases yet to come for the Orlando based producer, who slickly tows the line between crafting forward-looking dance music, remixing internationally acclaimed pop stars and cutting original musical productions to include Konami’s mega-hit video game franchise Dance Dance Revolution, for which he has over 40 songs to his credit.