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Beatsmith (aka Josh Smith) is an electronic dance music producer and DJ hailing from Victoria, British Columbia. Cutting his teeth in the Vancouver Island rave scene, Beatsmith honed his skills in venues up and down the island, quickly rising to the top of Victoria's thriving electronic music underground.The Beatsmith sound is unique; a fusion of the hardest-hitting electronic bass and drums with the soul of vintage funk, hip hop and rock music. The live shows are flawless. Technical perfection and a keen instinct for reading dance floors that so many profess and so few deliver. There is no show he hasn't rocked, no floor unfilled.Beatsmith's local and international collaborations and official remixes with artists like Featurecast, Critical, Busta, LaFunkt and Classic have brought him to the top of the charts. The Bounce EP with Critical was a breakout hit t hat peaked at #16 on Beat port Glit ch Hop. He has releases on Jalapeno, the Pooty Club, Breakz R Boss and Ghetto Funk.Beatsmith's rising popularity has led to support from a long list of artists: Crystal Method, Busta, Featurecast, Stickybuds, Kairo Kingdom, Tonic, Basement Freaks, Jayglo, Neon Steve, Bobby C Sound, Whoa Grenade, Lewd Behaviour, Timothy Wisdom, Tantric Decks, Will Streetwise, Malcolm Extacy, and many more.