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 - Joris Voorn


Joris Voorn is a relatively new producer and DJ born and raised in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Being raised in a musical family, in his early days he played the violin and later on changed to guitar, around 1995 electronic music caught his attention and when he began to hear artists like Orbital, The Orb and Leftfield, it became a big part of his life. Getting deeper into this music when he started DJing in 1997, Joris developed an interest in techno and house and bought himself the versatile MC-303 groovebox to experiment with synth sounds and drumloops. Towards the end of 2000 Joris started building up a small studio to produce his own music, which led to his first release - 'Muted Trax pt.1' on Keynote. His first release was quite a success - played by Carl Craig, Laurent Garnier, DJ Rush, Technasia and many more and since then Joris has released EP's on different labels like Keynote, Sound architecture, Line and Wolfskuil. In 2003 'Lost Memories Pt.1'was released on Technasia's SINO label, and was picked up on by the likes of Laurent Garnier and Carl Craig, it was followed up by 'Lost memories Pt.2'containing a track called 'Incident'which gained huge success and and made Joris a recognised name..If ‘Lost Memories Pt 1’ suggested Joris was a true talent, then Pt 2 in the series confirmed it. The piano filled ‘Incident’ charted in almost every dance magazine of worth, made No. 1 in Mixmag’s Techno singles chart, was playlisted by John Peel and was championed by none other than Carl Cox. In October 2004 Joris'debut album 'Future History'was released on Sino, containing 20 diverse tracks that were made over his first few years of making electronic music and broke him into the upper echelons of the techno vanguard. In the summer of 2005 Joris'new personal outlet 'Green'saw the light of day. 'A dedicated mind'was released just as his debut DJ mix CD for the Fuse club in Belgium showed his DJ and production skills to even greater effect whereby each track was an amalgamation of two different tracks spliced in the mix using Ableton live. Taking in a more listening perspective than his debut breakthrough, new album 'From a Deep Place' is steeped in lush atmospheres and subtle master strokes that combine to add a sense of depth to Joris's dancefloor moves. The album demonstrates Joris’ talent as a musician and album crafter, along side his already proven skills as a techno producer. Trying to name standout tracks is not only made difficult by the sheer number of them, but is also missing the point. As a DJ and live performer Joris travels the globe. He performs around all of Europe, Asia and the USA. Together with his friend Edwin Oosterwal the 'Rejected'record label was established at the end of 2006. Their first EP as Rejected featuring the two tracks 'SL3'and 'Cliché'became an instant success and was played out by almost every self-respecting DJ around the globe. He is equally renowned for his remix work, and artists like Kevin Saunderson, Secret Cinema, Justin Berkovi, Alexander Kowalski an Paul Kalkbrenner have asked him to put together remixes for them. Joris Voorn has everything it takes to become huge and ‘From A Deep Place'could well be the album that takes him there.