Key Commands
 - Arthur D


Started back in 2007, Arthur D learned how to beat outsimple hip hop rhythms which ultimately lead to learning howto create dance music within the world of house music ayear later. For the next few years Arthur D underwentintense trial & error procedures to create "that sound" thatexists in his and all house music today. The next evolutionwould be to be recognized by entities such as recordpoolswhich happened in Dec, 2012 when Arthur D's 1st officialrelease under Animal Dance Records got charted onStarfleet Music peaking at #23 in their January 2013 issueof the top #50 dance charts and #40 on their February top50 charts at #40. With #1 spots spanning over only a fewmonths in 2013 on and again in 2014with the release of the promo track Countdown which wasplayed by 's #6 top rated DJ in the worldDimitri Vegas' radio show. Arthur D doesn't seem to bestopping any time soon when it comes to meeting his goal ofbeing one of the new faces of EDM in all its entirety. "Housemusic to hip hop. I love 'em all. I really hope to create andform a new market from all that I'm doing. Music needs to beshared. It is THE universal language". 'Nuff said.