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 - Arez


Arëz is a young producer from Sweden whostarted producing house music in thebeginning of year 2012.As his interest with house music grew, he developed greater melodies and heavier beats .Since then he has been putting a lot of hard work and effort intoproducing Swedish house tracks. The investment paid off as he wasdiscovered by Turkish house artist Trendmonster. In July 2013 they willrelease the track “Time Spirit” together, which includes stunning remixes by DmitryKO and Jamie Stewart. This track will be released by System Recordings in New York.In order for Arëz to move to new levels and become established in the business as the new rising starhe is now searching for management & promotion partners.For further contact about Arëz, please feel free to send an e-mail to is just the beginning and a small taste of what is to come