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 - Antwon Faulkner


It was a dark night, January 20th. At approximately 11:30pm a child was born. Antwon Faulkner, aka, Twonz would later prove to be sent here as an offering of musical enlightenment. Music has been hard coded in his DNA and it would seem that his life was already mapped out for him from birth. Antwon’s grandfather and father were world renowned jazz musicians, playing alongside such greats as Miles Davis. He grew up in the church and was playing drums by the age of 6. By junior high his interest in music continued to evolve as he played an essential role in a locally famous dance group, “The Electrons”. Still only in junior high, “The Electrons” gained fame by winning a dance competition resulting in a spot in a commercial for “Kiddy Disco”, aired during Detroit’s infamous dance show “The Scene”. “The Electrons” were then invited to perform at Hart Plaza with the likes of other well known dance crews like “The Funkateers”. It wouldn’t be long before his efforts would be directed towards a pair of turntables. Antwon started out playing electro, and by 16, with the break of the Detroit techno movement, his soul had found a new place to live. This is where he has lived ever since. Listening to “Deep Space Radio” and the interpretations of “The Electrifying Mojo” and “The Wizard”, Antwon was inspired to craft and hone his own skill. In high school Antwon was pushing mixed tapes and spreading the word about “Twonz”. Now 25 years later that name is still synonymous with Detroit techno. After high school Antwon began frequenting techno and electro shows throughout Detroit. It seemed only natural he would next attend “The Recording Institute of Detroit” where he learned the techniques necessary for studio recording and sound engineering. While attending school there, Antwon began getting gigs and playing out at the very shows at which he sought refuge. When he finished school he started throwing his own events with long time friend Mark Walls, under the brand “Detroit Electronic Funk Foundation”, or “DEFF”. The success and following they had acquired from that experience, and with the desire to start producing music of his own, prompted the birth of Antwon’s next move, a record label called “Hijacked Records Detroit”. “Hijacked” released 4 EPs on vinyl 001 The Terrorist ep, 002 white label, 003 white label and 004 The Man From Jersey ep. but mainly established an identity through throwing parties and events in the metro Detroit area for more than 10 years. “Hijacked Records Detroit” is known to be a reflection of what and where Antwon thinks techno is. Having played Movement in Detroit twice and countless other electronic music festivals, touring Europe with other Detroit giants, relocating to Arizona and more recently, to Toronto one truth remains. You can take the man out of Detroit but you cannot take the Detroit out of the man. Currently working to expand the range of the label, and making an effort to show the world the international capabilities of a label and brand like “Hijacked Records Detroit”, Antwon now resides in Canada, playing frequently, throwing “Hijacked” events in Toronto and is re-establishing a primary focus on releasing quality music on labels such as KMS Records, Bulletdodge Records, Downside up recordings, Elephanthaus records, Restructured recordings, Thoughtless music, Play this! records, Crate Savers International, and his own Hijacked Records Detroit. in 2013 Antwon caught the ear of Richie Hawtin who played his track "Synthology" on Restructured recordings at his Enter week 4 residency at space in Ibiza, and then was featured on his Celebration of Curation 2013 #Canada Richie Hawtin top 10 Best Tracks at #1. in July of 2013 Carl Cox Played Antwon's "House Muzik" track live on his global radio episode week 6 at space in Ibiza. also in august he later charted it at # 6 on his THE REVOLUTION UNITES - WEEK 6 DJ Chart For Juno Downloads. A new distribution deal now provides an avenue for Antwon to take advantage of the benefits available through releasing music digitally as well as vinyl and to stay current and relevant in today’s electronic music scene. With carefully constructed, well thought out fully mastered tracks, Antwon Faulkner continues to give the world the gift of techno.