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 - Anthony Mayer


Anthony Mayer a Las Vegas resident via New York, started his career in Electronic music in early 1998. He first started off collecting records and would DJ any party he could get booked for. Anthony very quickly got the reputation as a great mixing artist and became known for his long beautiful melodic sets.Anthony was one of the few DJs who constantly practiced the art of mixing sounds rather than beats alone allowing him the ability to produce beyond what most think DJ’s can do.Anthony’s goal was not to rock a crowd but rather take them on a musical journey. Few years after perfecting his skills as a DJ and getting play in the club circuit.Anthony started venturing into the production side. First studying, educating and learning everything he could find about music creation, sequencing and production tricks. Constantly sending his work to big names in the industry for reviews and helpful tips.After perfecting his skills he incorporated his work in the studio to make his sets more creative by taking other artists songs and reediting them to make the song selection fit his set.In 2007 he began work on his first completely self produced studio album, which birthed "The Light.” Shortly after it was completed he solicited the album to labels everywhere. It was quickly picked up by the legendary record label, System Recordings. In 2008 Anthony's song "G2" peaked the interest of Paul Oakenfold so much so, that he played Anthony’s Track on his Perfecto Tour which was recorded live.Anthony Mayer is continuing to impress some major talent in the Electronic dance music scene and pumping out some noteworthy tracks. His June 2013 release “Tyrantic” made Solarstone’s June Top 10 Trance.With Solarstone making the following comment in regards to Anthony’s Tyrantic. [“The track has the hallmarks of classic Sasha/Digweed productions; a huge arpeggiated bassline provides the constantly evolving lead hook & a moody filtered & degraded organ rides atop the thumping kick and metallic percussion layers”] Anthony’s making marks in the music scene and is just getting started. His music is being sold all over the world with great success in record sales. It is currently available on Itunes,,, emusic and other online music stores. To date, Anthony is working day and night in the studio, cranking out new tunes for your listening, and well dancing pleasure. He is also working on a 2014 Summer Road Tour, and is busy working remix's for some of the Industries's biggest names.Of course,Anthony is currently booking gigs through Future Sounds Management. Anthony is definitely a DJ to keep an ear out for. His quickly gaining momentum will most definitely be bringing him to a club near you.