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 - Andras Bader


Highly interested in music as early as an eleven year-old child, Andras steadily followed music charts, and soon got more and more enchanted by the sound of electronic music. Owing his most definite inspirations to top band at the time – Depeche Mode – his love for electronic music grew even stronger, until in 1995 he finally decided to get down more seriously to producing his own.Learning and experiencing the techniques all by himself, having closely followed current happenings within the scene, he gradually started to bring his ideas to life. The first tunes emerged in front of an Atari with the help of two synthesizers; music production at the time only considered as a hobby activity. Not much later Andras teamed up with two friends and started producing primarily "new wave" tunes in their occasional studio.It was in 1999 when Andras decided once and for all, that electronic music is exactly what he wanted to deal with the most. Soon his attention started shifting towards the turntables, which has fast become his main focus of interest, opening up a new era in his life and career under the alias Andre. He bought his first Dj equipment and started collecting records diligently, for mere practice and learning.A year later he got acquainted with techno Dj Ufi, playing the popular genre of the times, who has opened up a new world of eternal sound to his loyal follower. Forming his personal taste in music beat by beat as influences took turn, in 2001 he finally meets Béla Csillag aka Beta, resulting in a lasting friendship and definite influence on his likes. Exploring a bit into progressive house around 2003 on inspiration from Dj Gasper, it was not until the vibes of house music seized him, when he first truly felt to have arrived at the right place. Followed by a rather eventful period, playing regularly with Beta, the pair known as A.B.Solute; as well as with Gasper and Duel – Attila Szabó, Andras soon found himself from one gig in another, roaming the clubs of Budapest and the country alike, from Citadella Garden, Süss Fel Nap, and Jailhouse, to Flört, Upsidedown, or the Kultiplex, spinning his way up to the 'Coca Club' truck at the Budapest Parade a year later, with several occasions to appear at the blooming 'The Debut' nights, the Kecel festival, or the Balaton Sound. Busy as a Dj, hosting a Summer residency along side Beta at the Bonsai Pub, yet certainly driven by the experiences he has gained in sounds, in 2005 he immersed into production again. His hard work was rewarded by a couple of releases under the name Spacekid and Andre aka Spacekid, as soon as by 2006. Attracting the attention of the well-known German tech-house label, his next release landed the tops of sales charts the first week of release under Exun. Unique as a personality, he's always set out to put through something outstanding and innovative, to definitely make an impact on his listeners. His style could be best characterized by techno, house and minimal sound, easily winning the likes of home and international Djs alike.As one of the four residents of Hairy, an artist and event promotion agency established in 2006,Andras has had the opportunity to play at nights and not the least, personally meet such great artists as Der Dritte Raum, Magda, Kenny Larkin, Martin Landsky, or Pier Bucci, just to mention a few. Playing and creating both, he could hardly be deeper into the pursuit of rhythmic electronic self-expression, than he is today. Whatever tomorrow brings, one thing is for sure: he would never give up either of the two – the balance finally found.


Ibiza 2012 - The Complete Collection - 83 Tracks
Peter Brown, Clemens Rumpf, David A. Tobin, Eric Tyrell, The Whiteliner, Natasha Burnett, Matt Myer, Vivi, Goose Bumps, Brown Sugar, Kid Shakers, Anthony Wells, Charlenn, Roger Slato, Tanya Michelle, Cosmic Funk, Jon Craig, Lucas Reyes, Funky Fresh, Armin Van Eijk, deziBL, Funky Dice, Inusa Dawuda, Choc Choc Zoo, Markus Ano, Mark Bale, A.C.N., Van Nosikov, Virgil Enzinger, Superlover, Niko Schwind, M_Ferri, Mike Wall, Laidback Luke, Example, Matt Aubrey, Holevar, Luke Tolosan, Jan Cooper, Cosmic Dawn, Pzyked, Chris Kaeser, Stefan Gubatz, Jo Cappa, David Pareja, Aaron Mayk, Hans Staudinger, Patrick Bryze, Horny United, Jim Tonique, Pele, Miki Hernandez, Victor Gonzalez, DJ Subsonic, Uwe Bothe, Du Olivera, Malibu Breeze, Michael Carrico, Marck Road, Analog People, Morgenklang, Holger Brauns, Der Mo, Ingo Boss, SCSI-9, Deficit, Chris Hauer, Katzbatz, Smacs, Patrick Kong, Aldo Cadiz, Christian Hornbostel, Damien J. Carter, Claudio Lari, Chris Avalon, Monoline, Electrosila, Mike Ban, Dietmar Wohl, Niereich, David Hasert, R.Varez, Rob Renson, Since Then, Obrotka, Traumfabrik, Lorenzo Navarro, Roberto De Haro, Stereo Palma, Allen Alexis, Martin Selle, Sante, Mago, Damien S., Lee Thomas, The Booty Jocks, David K, Miss Roberta, California Ave, DJ Pearl, Anthony Megaro, Slavaki, Suspect Delivery, Max Lindemann, Kid Shakers, Fine Touch, Andrey Exx, Benny Royal, Brown Sugar, Loic Penillo, Matthias Ka, Niko De Luka, Lucas Reyes, Farren Amani, Mazai, Fomin, Luxure, Cedric Vian, Niels Van Gogh, Ben Delay, Till West, Virgil Enzinger, Unu, Afrilounge, Boris Brejcha, Niko Schwind, Chris Kaeser, Tonio Liarte, A.C.N., Meiko, Lars Van Dalen, Lissat & Voltaxx, Ricky Garcia, Ken Hayakawa, Tujamo, Paul Cervera, DJ Ruano, Virolo, Ray Leandro, Pig&Dan, Discey, Matthew Gold, Mike Newman, Swinging Bossa, Nils Nuernberg, Mark Ullrich, Turgay Avcioglu, Pablo Bolivar, Hirotaka Miyamoto, Tom Demac, Tobias Oliver, Mike Ban, Dietmar Wohl, Naksi, Brunner, Alejandro Trebor, M.A.D.A.,, Andras Bader, Jay Bliss, Felix Bernhardt, Victor Del Guio, Lorenzo Navarro, Southland Dj, Ingo Boss, Patrick Kunkel, StereoJackers, Beatamines, Patrizio Mattei, Danny Omich, Franky Miller, Goose Bumps, Korablove
Muenchen | 2012-06-15