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 - Alex Hide


It’s no surprise that Alex Hide is one of the most fast-rising producers and DJ’s on the world club scene. He is one of the few who uses the latest technology in his live performances. Using controllers, samplers and electronic instruments, he creates new dance masterpieces, combining different styles of music and his own experiments with sound. And this is precisely the sound we have all been waiting for. In just one year he managed to achieve results, which generally tend to over the years! The first release took place on an Armada Music sub-label called Starlight Music in collaboration with the world renowned house-diva Shena. And this is just the beginning! The next release came out on the Kylian Mash's label called Most Wanted (Universal Music France) including remixes of all the famous СJ Stone and Belgian star Timofey. After this success, he continued to climb higher and higher, producing a track with French singer Audrey Valorzi on Antoine Clamaran's Pool E Music. Not one step back, no step on the spot, only forward and only together! Also on the wave of success of the track with Audrey, they decided to record another collaboration, meanwhile shooting video for their first song. Another passion of Alex Hide - his radio show. Every week he makes a unique esters, in which he shows his fans a new house tracks, but makes it absolutely incredible way. Adding more and more unpredictable musical styles, mixing it with all known acapellas and changing the very musical arrangement, to create an interesting, energetic and full of surprises composition, length of 1 hour. All is nothing without spectacular performances. You already know about his musical talent, you've heard his unique style of mixing. But the real challenge is the meeting with the fans face to face on the dance floor. Energy, which he shares with the crowd... you can only feel it, but not describe in words. As he says: "Even if you have done the most successful song of the year, it does not mean that you will not fail your live show. Music and performance for the artist are inseparable and one without the other can't exist." Alex Hide: DJ, Producer, Superhero.


Jet Set Dance
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