Key Commands
 - Aivan Khadel


Some things are inevitable and one of them is that Aivan Khadel be devoted to music. Especially when he was nine influenced by his father (a drummer in a legendary group of the year 80) had put on a plate to your child find the rhythm with the sticks. Since the late nineties, the irreversible path towards electronics was reflected in his first vinyl (which bought half with his brother) and still r ...etains. A legendary vinyl released by Epic music, entitled The Acid House Of New Beat. Now is when, after six months confined to his study, a choice made after the summer of 2010 in which he acted in Goa and Animo, when the activity takes sound, with work set to release as the first reference of its label (Oh ! My God Recordings) entitled "30 trhirty" as a prelude to an artistic work at the forefront of sound Aivan feel like yours.