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 - Adrian Alegria


Adrian Alegria was born in Barakaldo (Biscay) on 15th of July of 1990 although he lives in Pamplona (Navarre). He met music really young with only six years at the music school and only one year later he began with his piano lessons. He stayed until he was 15 and we could state that his first music works were developed during this period of time. Later on, attracted to electronic music he learnt by himself how to mix it. It did not take long to see and listen him being the soul of the party in several important clubs such asTotem / Box, Movie, Txuribeltz, Pagoa, Crepusculo… in the north os Spain. Due to his passion towards electronic music his evolution has been really fast and in 2011, he set up his own radio live show in Espiral FM Pamplona called TRIBAL BEATS after having studied to be a radio technician. Now he plays in ATICA FM. Nowadays he is a sound technician while he creates and produces new sounds. His firsts productions and remixes are already for sale due to labels that like his fresh sounds, such as Red Drum Music, SELECTECHouse Label, DaMusic, Six Recordings, Clover Records… Both his sessions and tracks are full of tribal and ethnic sounds mixed with House, Techno, Deep… basses which give really rhythmical variations.